January 2014: Planning meetings began with a group of public employees and retirees, teachers, students, union members, and other Minnesotans that care about our future.

What we’ve learned

  • Structure and function of bodies that make decisions about our investments (board, staff, advisory council)
  • Legislative Commissions + Committees
  • Investment funds within the State Board of Investment (SBI)
  • Investments in fossil fuels – almost $3 billion
  • Divesting from fossil fuels is complex but offers the potential for a more secure future.
  • Fiduciary responsibility is a firm value held by those responsible for our pensions.
  • The underpinnings of what fiduciary responsibility means are shifting rapidly i.e., fossil fuels investments could soon become what are known as “stranded assets.”
  • Our pensions are in a wide variety of funds,*

*learned from 2014 SBI Annual Report

What We’ve Been Doing

  • Created fact sheets & a petition
  • Held divestment training for individuals
  • Begun series of information meetings with stakeholder groups and allies.
  • Talked with:
    • SBI Board members Rebecca Otto & Mark Ritchie
    • SBI Director Mansco Perry and his staff
    • Legislators regarding legislative language for divestment
  • Formed working groups to focus our efforts
    • Stakeholders Working Group
    • Allies Working Group
    • Legislative Working Group
    • Communications and outreach
    • Web development

Our Future Plans

  • Continue relationship building with SBI staff & board
  • Begin strategic lobbying campaign at the state legislature
  • Expand our working groups to include media and communications specialists
  • Gather official endorsements from high profile individuals and organizations
  • Work with the State Board of Investment staff and/or the legislature to create fund portfolios that offer current contributors and pension recipients the important choice to divest from fossil fuels and to invest in fossil-free investment portfolios