Minnesota’s public employees are coming together to demand their pension holdings be divested from fossil fuels.  The Minnesota Divestment Coalition supports divesting Minnesota’s public pensions from fossil fuel industries. As climate crisis events, like extreme weather and more frequent wildfires become the norm, reducing and ending our dependence on fossil fuels as soon as possible goes hand in hand with protecting the future of our retirees and our children. Divesting from fossil fuels will improve the stability and resiliency of pension fund financial returns, both in the long term and the short term. 

A recent resolution by the Minnesota State Board of Investment states “The MSBI Executive Director will develop and implement plans for reporting on and addressing Environmental Social and Governance ESG investment risks and evaluate options for reducing the MSBI’s investments to long-term carbon risk exposure.”  We call on the MSBI to act on this commitment by starting a process to divest from all fossil fuels. Join us by signing on to this letter.

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Canoe by the Lake – Josh Hild on Unsplash