Our Plan: A List of Actions for the SBI Board Members to Take

The tools to counteract climate change and protect our water are available to us right now. Four elected officials form the State Board of Investments have the ability to act to protect our pensions from risky and unethical fossil fuel investments: Governor Tim Walz, Secretary of State Steve Simon, State Auditor Julie Blaha and Attorney General Keith Ellison. We’ve drawn up a list of actions we want these board members to take. These actions constitute a step-by-step plan to study the financial risk of continuing to invest in fossil fuels.

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The financial forecast for carbon industries is bleak. Other countries around the world, as well as many corporations, institutions and government bodies here in the US, are dumping fossil fuel stocks as they continue to under-perform. It’s time for the four SBI board members to take action and make Minnesota the next to divest.