Minnesota Association of Professional Employees supports a study of divesting the state pension from fossil fuels

We all know the way it feels when we hear a piece of music well played or see a beautiful dance or a magnificent display of athletic accomplishment. The coordination and beauty of all pieces working together warms our hearts and gives us a sense that all is right in the universe. Well, that’s the way the MAPE Delegate Assembly vote over the weekend made me feel. All the players working together before and during the assembly contributed toward a resounding support for the State Board of Investment to study the advisability of staying invested in fossil fuels.

First, MAPE members Melissa Wenzel and Sharon LeMay alerted us to the dates for the delegate assembly and deadlines for resolutions. Then Sharon drafted a resolution. Our planning team discussed it and Sharon revised it. Teresa Chapman put us in touch with planners for a MnDOT local MAPE meeting, and our Divest-Invest members Carol Mockovak, Linda Littrell and Patty O’Keefe attended that meeting, presenting our reasons for supporting the resolution. Further revisions followed that meeting, based on the suggestions from those attending that meeting. Melissa Wenzel prepared an amendment to the resolution clarifying that the first step would be a study of current investments in fossil fuels.

Patty O’Keefe, Linda Littrell, Carol Mockovak and Emily Moore called all the MAPE local presidents to let them know there would be an amendment and directing them to the information supporting divestment in the resolution information packet.

Patty O’Keefe prepared a handout with pertinent information for the delegates, and Deb Bergeron and Melissa Wenzel distributed the handout to the delegates during the assembly.

Deb Bergeron and Melissa Wenzel presented the amendment and the resolution at two points in the delegate assembly proceedings, and it passed by wide margins. It was added to the 2017 Legislative Priorities for MAPE by amending the green initiatives language of the MAPE Support for Sustainable Resources for State Government Operations to add the study as an additional bullet. Alex Migambi spoke in support of the resolution, as did Dawn Cameron, who also read a statement supporting the amendment on behalf of Sharon LeMay. Response by the delegates could not have been better.

All those efforts by everyone working together before and during the assembly resulted in this most decisive vote in favor of the resolution.


Letter to Editor appears in Star Tribune

We are happy to announce that we (Emily Moore and Patty O’Keefe) got a letter to the editor to appear in the Star Tribune online in reference to an opinion’s piece on divestment by Kate Knuth. Kate Knuth was part of the University of Minnesota delegation to the United Nations climate negotiations in Paris.

The next day, Wed Dec 16th, the letter to the editor appeared in the dead tree edition!

Guardian: UN on wrong track with plans to limit global warming to 2C, says top scientist

One of the world’s leading atmospheric scientists has told the UN that its present attempt to limit emissions is “half-arsed and half-baked” and risks handing the next generation a climate system that is out of their control.

James Hansen, former head of Nasa’s Goddard Center and the man who raised awareness of climate change in a key Senate hearing back in 1988 said that the UN meeting was on the wrong track by seeking a 2C maximum rise in temperatures.

Read more at the Guardian.


This is the start of our comprehensive site for divestment from fossil fuels and investment in renewable technologies for the state of Minnesota pension funds. Stop back soon to see this web site bloom into life.